Emily gets healthy!
Hi, I'm Emily! Welcome to my (healthy) weightloss journey blog. I'm 20 years old and live in a small country in Europe called Belgium. I am hoping to lose 15 kg - 33 lbs, I haven't given myself a deadline.

Height: 167cm - 5’6”
Highest Weight: 85 kg - 187 bs
Starting Weight: 79kg - 174 lbs
* Current Weight: 77,3kg 170 lbs *
First Goal Weight: 70kg - 154 lbs
Second Goal Weight: 65kg - 143 lbs
Third Goal Weight: 60kg - 132 lbs
Ultimate Goal Weight: 57kg - 125 lbs

80 Day Weightloss Challenge.

I am doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and documenting how I am doing. Keep up with my progress!
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I did my workout earlier today. I had a super productive morning and I felt like doing the workout earlier to get it out of my way and treat myself to a nice quiet evening. It went well though I still struggle a lot with the plank moves. I also seem to be suffering from some joint pains, my ankles and knees hurt a lot when I do certain moves. I hope that goes away soon. 

I can’t wait till summer so I can have fruit salads every week! Fruit is just too expensive right now otherwise I would have them daily.

I can’t wait till summer so I can have fruit salads every week! Fruit is just too expensive right now otherwise I would have them daily.

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So yesterday I didn’t get a chance to post my progress update since we waited until like the last minute of the day to do the shred. It went okay but I notice how I am sweating a lot more during level 2 which I don’t really like. I don’t have a shower (only a bathtub) so that sucks.

Today was probably the biggest fail from all the other days because I have the most horrible headache. I tried to do as much as I could but my headache got worse along the way. I know I won’t gain 5 pounds as a result of slacking with my workout so I just have to not let it get to me and continue doing an awesome job tomorrow.

Also totally random fact: I noticed how my cellulite has improved a lot because of the 30DS. Just thought I’d share that awesome news. Awyeah!

Because healthy food looks good AND tastes good.

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Awyeah I just finished the first day of level 2 babyyyy. Level 1 was getting so boring so I was really happy to finally start level 2. It was harder but I think it’s a lot more fun, if you ignore the walking push ups (they are a pain in the plank seriously). I can feel myself getting stronger, fitter and more flexible every day!

I successfully completed level 1! Awyeahhhh. High five to me! Can’t wait to try level 2 tomorrow even though I’m kind of scared as well. Today went okayish, still feeling a bit low on energy and tired but it was a lot better than yesterday at least. Bring on level 2!

10.    Do you count calories? If so, what is your daily limit?

I do, I use MyFitnessPal (I prefer the iPad app to the website though) to keep track of my daily intake. My nutritionist calculated that for my metabolism I need to stay below 1500kcals to be able to lose weight. I try to keep my daily intake at around 1200kcals a day.


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So today was probably the lowest point out of all 9 days. I had no energy, felt like I was going to cry the whole way through cause I was so tired and feeling ill. I think I’m coming down with something, idk. I felt like the fatty failure I was at school during PE and sports. I’m going to stuff my face with a grapefruit now and get a good nights rest.